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Shalom Hill Farm

Learn & Renew

Educating and advocating on behalf of small-town and rural culture, community, ministry, God’s creation, the common good, and providing a place of retreat and renewal for groups and individuals.

Day Use

Half or full days, waived when a group stays overnight.



Breakfast , lunch, and dinner rates per person. Kitchen also available to prepare your own meals.



Regular and non-profit rates for single and shared rooms.


We provide a place and space from which study, education, and advocacy concerning rural issues, stewardship of the environment, specifically in a rural context, and exposure to sustainable agricultural methods and alternative energy sources can be carried out from an ecumenical Christian perspective. Shalom Hill Farm stands ready to partner with groups and organizations in the wider community to help plan, develop, and host educational programming that contributes to the common good.


Shalom Hill Farm
42194 County Road 3
Windom, MN 56101


+1 507 831 2232

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