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Our Mission

Shalom Hill Farm was established in 1992. Founders Margaret and Mark Yackel-Juleen chose a farmstead in Cottonwood County of southwestern Minnesota that has a long and interesting history of its own. We all love to share stories of this place as we tour guests around the buildings and grounds.

Shalom Hill Farm is a non-profit education and retreat ministry specializing in hands-on learning experiences in small town and rural culture, ministry, and environment. We provide:

  • Cultural education and environmental experiences customized to your needs.
  • Continuing education available for clergy and other congregational leaders.
  • Retreat and meeting facilities available to anyone and everyone whether an individual, group, or family.


All in a beautiful prairie setting in southwestern Minnesota.

Mission Statement

In response to God’s grace and God’s call, Shalom Hill Farm educates and advocates on behalf of small-town and rural culture, community, ministry, God’s creation, the common good, and provides a place of retreat and renewal for groups and individuals.

Ministry Vision

We serve and steward the life of Shalom Hill Farm to provide a place and space from which study, education, and advocacy concerning rural issues, stewardship of the environment, specifically in a rural context, and exposure to sustainable agricultural methods and alternative energy sources can be carried out from an ecumenical Christian perspective. Shalom Hill Farm stands ready to partner with groups and organizations in the wider community to help plan, develop, and host educational programming that contributes to the common good.

As a result of this ministry

  • People have a sense of peace and a sense of simple and gracious hospitality;
  • People are greeted by a kind and caring staff, an environmentally thoughtful building, the beautiful setting, the sense of history, and a sense of right relationship with nature;
  • People are able to relax, to feel safe to be themselves, to speak and listen from the head and from the heart; and,
  • Efficient and effective systems allow us to serve and steward Shalom Hill Farm’s mission and ministry – to be, in a quite special and powerful way, the kingdom of God come on earth.


Shalom Hill Farm
42194 County Road 3
Windom, MN 56101


+1 507 831 2232

We would love to hear from you...