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Pitchfork & H(oor)ay!

Our 5th Annual Pitchfork & Hay theological retreat was held earlier this week at the farm and it lived up to the high expectations!

Mornings were spent in session with Dr. Craig Nessan from Wartburg seminary.  Participants said he was “awesome,” “inspiring and insightful,” and that his talk was “so timely.”

People appreciated the schedule: “engaging education & conversation in the morning, time to myself indoors and outdoors in the afternoon, and fun social time in the evening – it’s a great balance.”

The farm was the perfect spot for fun and relaxation, with many people listing the sauna as a highlight.  There were also a number of cross country skis and snowshoes exploring the 100+ acres of the farm.  “I loved the freedom of the whole stay: the choice to plug in or not, but also the freedom of the place, that there was pretty much no place we weren’t allowed.  This helped me settle in right away.”

The homemade meals were a big hit: “Wonderful – some of the best retreat center meals I’ve encountered recently.” And, “I liked the farm-to-table’ fare.” But honestly, who doesn’t love having meals made for them all day long?

Many people mentioned their comfortable beds and rooms. We’re so glad to hear this! We also heard that a couple beds have seen better days so we will add this to our wishlist, along with some new chairs. (You don’t make friends with metal folding chairs.)  We’re also going to work on quieter fans and brighter lights in the bathrooms.  Watch our website in the coming weeks for opportunities to help us make this place even better!

When asked what they liked best about Pitchfork & Hay, one participant summed it up perfectly: “Oh goodness! Can’t put it into numerical order – the speaker, the fellowship, the laughter, the deep theological conversations (the shallow ones too!).  The Shalom Hill staff & hospitality. The meals – the good restorative time to refill.”

Still reading? Maybe you should consider attending next year’s event.

Or don’t wait a whole year! We have many weekdays and even a few weekends open in the coming months! Come retreat, relax and renew at Shalom Hill Farm!

Oh, and one more thing: “let people know to pack slippers!” (Nothing says retreat like walking around in slippers all day.)

Hope to see you soon.